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Macro Economics research

The core of Walbrook Economics is macro-economic research and forecasting with a focus on fiscal and monetary policy, trade and consumer behaviour. The UK is our principle focus but our research covers key European and US themes. As political decision has become ever more important in the economic sphere we specialise in analysing the implications of global political and monetary decisions applied to the economic sphere.

Our clients receive regular ‘thought pieces’ on topical macro-economic themes however in addition we provide tailor made solutions and research papers on topics as requested.

Capital Markets Focus

Our economic forecasts are tailored to the investment process. Our approach is to examine long term economic trends to apply themes to capital market investment. Our background is in UK equity markets but our research is applicable to developed markets. We publish a quarterly income monitor looking at dividend themes to investors. We also provide extensive sovereign bond market analysis and have written extensively on the consequences of QE and central bank activism.

UK Consumer Research

Our Walbrook Economics Household Spending Model has been running since 2008 and models UK discretionary consumer expenditure. It has an outstanding long term record at predicting trends in spending patterns and is used by professional investors and corporate clients in the decision making process.

Political Consultancy

We are well connected with Westminster and can act as a bridge in navigating thedifferent worlds of the Square Mile and Government. These two interests often are poorly connected. In a world where political outcome is increasingly important
understanding both centres is critical. We believe we can help in this sphere.


A full biography is available on request but some of the major lectures/ papers published are outlined below.

Adam Smith Lecture – Pembroke College Cambridge 2018

William Pitt Lecture – Pembroke College Cambridge 2012

Published Magna Carta Today – its principles and relevance in the 21 st century

Centre of Policy Studies – Masking the symptoms a critique of Quantitate Easing

Policy paper - designing alternatives to stamp duty

Institute of Economic Affairs - regular lecturer

Global Britain – papers on trade and economic relationship with the EU

Daily Telegraph and CityAM – published articles

Social Mission

Walbrook Economics is a commercial business but it takes its social responsibility and mission to inform seriously. We regularly take part in schools and university discussions on economics and we welcome suggestions. Please contact us at

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