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Walbrook Economics was founded in 2012 in the aftermath of the financial crisis to provide economic consultancy to professional investors and corporate clients. Today as well as consulting to financial institutions and corporate boards we have become a regular commentator, in the media, on macro-economic and public policy themes coupled with

offering public policy and think tank analysis and research.


We specialise in the interaction of economics, politics and capital markets. Its founder, Ewen Stewart, builds on a wealth of personal experience but also draws on a wide range of contacts and consultants to build an independent consultancy that is not afraid, where appropriate, to challenge consensus.
Our approach is to analyse long term themes, and explore the likely consequences in an economic, political and capital market context.


Our core skill set is UK focused but we do draw on global themes particularly within adeveloped market context. Fiscal, monetary, trade and consumer research are our main specialisations in the context of capital markets.
We are happy to provide examples of our work on request.


Ewen Stewart, Director

Ewen is the founding director of Walbrook Economics which is a consultancy specialising in the interaction of macroeconomics, politics and capital markets. Fiscal policy and consumer research has been a core specialisation. Clients include major pension funds, asset managers and hedge funds. Ewen’s City career has spanned over 30 years’ where he worked for a number of major investment banks including Dresdner Kleinwort Benson and ABN AMRO. He also writes for a number of think tanks including the Institute of Economic Affairs, Global Britain and The Centre of Policy Studies and was honoured to give the Adam Smith lecture at Pembroke College, Cambridge. A detailed biography is available on request.

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